Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Reduce, reuse, recycle was the message from Ann Kreidle and Carla Castillo of RecycleBank.  PAS is working hard to get accepted into The RecycleBank Green Schools Program.  PAS will compete with schools from across the United States to be named a Green School and qualify for up to a $5,000 grant.  Grant amounts are determined by the number of points donated to participating schools.  You can help by signing up with Ann Kreidle at PAS, which will get you a sticker to place on your recycling bin and an account with RecycleBank.  Once enrolled in the program, you will be eligible for receiving points.  Points can be saved indefinitely. Once PAS is accepted into the Green Schools program, you can transfer your points to PAS so PAS can apply the points collected toward a cash grant.  Every 100 points equals a $10 donation from RecycleBank.  This exciting program can help support environmentally conscious experiences for our children at PAS such as the garden that is planted each spring.  Please visit for more information.

Along with the presentation from Carla Castillo, parents in attendance were treated to a short film created by PAS students emphasizing the message to recycle, reduce, and reuse.  (The video is posted in the HSA gallery.)  Examples of this message can be seen all over PAS.  Check out the first graders’ penguin projects on display outside of the first grade classrooms, and the third graders’ musical instrument creations in the lower atrium.  Both projects emphasize recycling and reusing.  Kids got creative and made something beautiful out of what you might call trash.