Donate to the Penn Alexander Home and School Association

The Penn Alexander Home and School Association encourages you to join us in giving thanks for our local public school by supporting our annual fund raising drive. Here are some of the many reasons to give thanks for Penn Alexander:

  • PAS is ranked among the highest performing schools within the Philadelphia School District for reading, math, science and wriitng achievement based on the Pennsylvania State System of Assessment.
  • PAS earned the 2012 Intel Schools of Distinction for Middle Grades Science.  PAS is the first school in Pennsylvania to earn this coveted award.
  • More than 90% of PAS graduates attend selective Philadelphia high schools.
  • Our first class teachers and administration create a culture of excellence. Thirteen teachers have earned the very prestigious National Board Certification, the highest level of certification in the field of teaching.
  • Penn Alexander students have won regional spelling bees and gone on to represent Philadelphia at the National Spelling Bee in Washington DC.
  • Our student body reflects our diverse West Philadelphia community.
  • It’s Free!  Penn Alexander provides a comparable education to many of the local private schools and doesn’t cost $14,000-$18,000 a year.

We are fortunate to have such a wonderful school in our neighborhood. Penn Alexander has attracted many new families and strengthened the University City community. As a public school, Penn Alexander has many of the funding challenges facing all Philadelphia School District schools.  Two key programs – art and science – are not fully funded in our school’s annual budget. In addition, the budget does not support small capital improvements (such as resurfacing the playground and gymnasium curtains), and does not provide additional classroom resources.

Penn Alexander needs your support!

The HSA annual fund drive is your opportunity to help fund programs at Penn Alexander. In 2013-14, we achieved a record goal of $145,000. We aim to meet or exceed that in 2014-15. These funds provide critical support for art and science programs, help cover the cost of small capital improvements and offer supplemental funding for classroom activities. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to the Penn Alexander Home and School Association to support our treasured school.

Donate now.